Wednesday, November 9, 2022
1:50 PM - 2:35 PM (EST)
Environmental, social, and governance data: How can firms overcome the data challenge?

The elevation of ESG or sustainability issues in investment decision-making and the growth of ESG-aligned investment products have created an industrywide need for robust data and analytics. The investment management industry has long strived for clean and complete data to support investment and operations teams; ESG data is no different. It’s no surprise that third-party providers have jumped on this opportunity to supply data as well as a host of analytics and ratings. How do institutional and wealth firms go about aggregating, storing, integrating, and making use of such data within their current tech stacks? What are the differences between the ESG data and analytical tools required by institutional managers versus wealth managers?

This panel will discuss:

  • How to anticipate challenges with sourcing, storing, and curating ESG data
  • How firms convert data into meaningful analytics through internal or external technology
  • How ESG data fits in investment workflows, and where it sits in the investment life cycle
  • How to identify the right ESG data partners
Wally Okby