Wednesday, November 9, 2022
1:50 PM - 2:35 PM (EST)
The democratization of private markets: When will innovation become gains for all?

The private equity landscape has undergone dramatic growth and evolution. Future innovation presents ever more dynamic opportunities. Stakeholders up and down the value chain have new options as private credit proliferates and private equity firms cement positions as one-stop capital providers. In parallel, institutional and retail investors participate via new direct and digital distribution channels for large raises (equity or debt) and crowdfunding for smaller tickets. When will larger segments of investors enter the market for previously inaccessible private equity, private debt, alternative yield, and private real asset deals? Advanced vendors need to manage the deal’s end-to-end life cycle for wealth and asset managers. 

This panel will discuss:

  • How ready the market is for forecast growth, with efficient and sustainable operating models and technology stacks
  • What infrastructure, sales, operations, and client services challenges come with integration of private market investments into client portfolios
  • What up-and-coming platforms provide private market access to individual investors
  • What are best practices for managing risk and integrating with traditional financial institutions, RIAs, and wealth managers, and for expanding distribution through these partners
Vinod Jain