Wednesday, November 9, 2022
10:20 AM - 11:05 AM (EST)
Direct indexing wealth management perspective: What is the demand for retail portfolio customization?

New solutions have exploded, targeting investors and advisors from asset managers, wealth management firms, and fintech firms. The growing interest in personalized investing is a key driver of this marketplace, and solutions offer compelling ways to build relationships with the next generation of investors. They also create a new set of opportunities and risks for advisors, wealth management firms, asset managers, and investment platform providers, but how does the industry handle the lack of performance history? How is risk being managed within such portfolios? How can wealth management firms create investor and advisor receptivity to customization and direct indexing? 

This panel will discuss:
•What successful strategies are being deployed to deliver advice at scale for customized portfolios
•How to set appropriate guardrails around the level of customization within portfolios
•How successful firms train and educate clients and what support services and tools are needed to drive adoption
•What the implications of personalized investing are on portfolio construction

Alois Pirker