Tuesday, October 3, 2023
2:00 PM - 2:45 PM (EDT)
Client Engagement Track – Mass Personalization/Customization at Scale: Responding to the Voice of the Customer

In recent years, clients across the wealth spectrum have pushed for greater variability and personalization in their investment portfolios. The traditional 60/40 portfolio, even delivered as an SMA, is no longer sufficient to meet the needs of many investors. They are looking for portfolios that better align with their risk tolerances, desire to pursue alpha, or personal beliefs/social goals. Historically, these types of needs could only be met economically for the highest net worth tier of clients, but the rapid adoption of tools supporting direct indexing, mass portfolio customization, fractional share trading, access to alternatives, and environmental, social, and governance have brought the tools of the ultra-high net worth to audiences as broad as the mass affluent. 

This panel will focus on: 

  • The client drivers of the need to provide customization at scale 
  • How this enables advisors to better deliver on the promise of “holistic advice” to their clients 
  • The technology enablers of mass customization 
  • Where product evolution is likely to take personalization to next 
Andrew Besheer