NOW AVAILABLE! Reserve 1:1 Sponsor Meetings 

This year, we've implemented a new feature within the virtual event platform that we're excited to share with you! 

The 1:1 meeting feature offers you the chance to meet with sponsors for 10-minute private chats anytime throughout the live event. Attendees will be limited to booking just one private 1:1 meeting per sponsor. Here's how it works:

Step 1:  Enter the Lobby and click on Exhibit Hall

Step 2:  Click on any of the sponsor logos

Step 3:  Once the sponsor booth is located, look for the gray navigation bar
                (in the right column) to scroll below the sponsor booth

Step 4:  Once you’ve scrolled below the sponsor booth, you will find company information,
                view videos, download documents and reserve a 1:1 Chat Meeting

Step 5:  After you click on the “1:1 Chat Bookings” button, a pop-up meeting schedule will appear.
                Select the date and time that you would like to meet with the sponsor booth representative.

Step 6:  Click on the Reserve Slot button to confirm the 1:1 meeting date and time

Step 7:  A 1:1 Chat Bookings button will appear in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

               Click on the blue button to view your scheduled meeting(s).  From here, you will be able
               to see once the sponsor booth representative has accepted or declined your meeting       
               request.  Please note, you may need to refresh your screen before the blue button will
               appear as it can take a few minutes.