Milton Santiago is an industry recognized digital banking strategist that is known for creating transformational digital banking experiences.  Milton brings over 30 years of experience and is a seasoned and proven global digital executive, leader, innovator and visionary.  He is an expert in deciphering client needs and executing those needs into compelling and satisfying digital client experiences.  

Milton formally was Managing Director, Global Digital Channels Executive at Bank of America where he established and lead the banks Omni channel strategy.  He established several new business practices to support the digital transformation strategy.  In his tenure with the bank, he established the following divisions: Compliance and Regulatory Governance, Client Advisory and VOC, Performance and Analytics, Digital Strategy and Communications, and a User Experience team that established Ethnographic Practices, User Groups, Client Workshops and governance standards for all things digital which included mobile, tablet and desktop experiences.  

Milton brings a very insightful approach to exceeding clients digital experiences.  Given his background as a technologist, Milton has implemented over 130 patented digital experiences that blend consumer behaviors with the needs of business practices of all ranges.  Milton also served on Microsoft’s Innovation outreach program where he represented the banks consumer and commercial innovation.  In this capacity Milton collaborated with several innovation leaders across several industries which include Financial Institutions, Pharmaceuticals, Media, Automotive, Entertainment, Tech and Military.