Tuesday, October 3, 2023
10:10 AM - 10:50 AM (EDT)
Mass Customization: Apocalypse or Catalyst for Packaged Financial Products?

Investment products for the masses have historically meant pooled products, such as mutual funds or ETFs. Customization came from the thousands of different product variations firms provided. Today, that appears to be changing. Consumer desire for ESG and other preferences are beginning to drive requirements for custom options. From the other end of the spectrum, the evolving financial dynamics between product manufacturers and retail distribution are also driving change. When these two forces collide, the outcomes could create seismic shifts for the asset and wealth management industries.   

This panel will explore: 

  • Who will manage retail money in the future, and how firms of different sizes will compete
  • What the introduction of direct indexing does to the mutual fund, ETF, and separately managed accounts markets
  • What opportunities exist for asset managers, and what disintermediation risks persist
  • How economy-of-scale requirements will impact the consolidation trend
Gavin Little-Gill