Full Name
Lachlan Gunn
Job Title
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Speaker Bio
Lachlan Gunn is co-founder and Executive Director of the European Association for Secure Transactions (EAST), a non-profit organisation. Founded in 2004 EAST has set up an international network to help improve public/private sector cross-border cooperation in the fight against organized cross-border financial crime. EAST has active representation from 35 Countries and maintains working relationships with Europol, GCCPOL, INTERPOL and the US Secret Service.

Lachlan began his career in the British Armed Forces and managed several commercial security companies before founding EAST. He has a strong background in risk management and has worked extensively in Europe and Asia-Pacific, where he founded Securicor Taiwan Ltd (now a G4S business).

In his spare time Lachlan is an author. His first novel ‘Merdeka’ is set in Malaya in 1957.
Lachlan Gunn