Full Name
Giuseppe Era
Job Title
Team Leader Digital Payments
Intesa Sanpaolo
Speaker Bio
In his role of Team Leader for Digital Payments, part of Intesa San Paolo Marketing Department, Giuseppe works with his team to bring to life innovative solutions for Mobile Proximity Payments and E/M commerce payments with specific focus on retail customers.

As such, Giuseppe interacts daily with the main players in the field, working in partnership whit the most important digital payment operators (Samsung, Apple, Google) and international and domestic scheme. The challenges he faces are related not only to the technical solutions, but also to marketing, legal and compliancy requirements which have a huge impact on the digital payments.

Giuseppe has also acquired familiarity with the European laws concerning this scope, joining International projects aiming at building a common and standardized European framework for mobile payments. In his twenty-years career in Intesa San Paolo, he has also developed and launched new products for payment card for Retail and Business clientele and gain experience in merging projects with other banks.
Giuseppe Era